Captivate Go: A Screen Agnostic Solution For Existing Office Displays

Captivate Launches New Plug-and-Play Solution and Large Format Displays, Further Enhancing Tenant Experience

October 24, 2019 — Captivate, commercial real estate’s number one digital media amenity, today announced the availability of Captivate Go, a new hardware product that makes it easy to add Captivate’s curated content and tenant communication offerings to existing elevator, lobby, or common area office screen displays. This new plug-and-play solution addresses the needs of property owners with existing screens, but without any content to engage or communicate with their tenants. Requiring only an HDMI port and internet connection, Captivate Go is screen agnostic, offering the full power of Captivate’s service without the need for new screens or installation.

Additionally, new Large Format Displays continue to take the Captivate experience beyond the elevator, with both portrait and landscape formats available in a variety of sizes. Powered by Captivate Go, the displays offer reliable, best-in-class technology to support enhanced network security and video capabilities, while being entirely turnkey.

The benefits of Captivate extend to building owners/managers, tenants, employees, and advertisers. Captivate Go delivers curated news and information relevant to the tenants of Class A office properties, while providing building managers with its seamless tenant communication platform, ScreenCenter™. ScreenCenter™ lets property owners and managers broadcast building communication on-screen to tenants, in a single property or across an entire portfolio of buildings, via text or video. ScreenCenter™ ensures messages get delivered to every tenant in the building with 95% viewership, making it the industry’s most effective tenant communication tool. Additionally, Captivate’s editorial team partners with the world’s leading providers, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Accuweather, Bleacher Report, USA Today, Billboard, and more, to source content fueling a diverse and engaging programming mix across news, business, local, lifestyle, and sports. Lastly, advertisers will be able to use standard IAB and additional out of home advertising sizing standards, making it easier than ever to advertise on Captivate.

“Captivate is actively focused on product development, innovation, and providing customers with the best user experience possible,” said Jeannine Antus, Senior VP, Real Estate Sales, at Captivate. “With the launch of Captivate Go, we’re able to deliver meaningful and engaging content through any HDMI-compatible screen, opening up a whole new opportunity for property owners and managers of Class A or low-rise buildings – those without enough dwell time in the elevators – to fundamentally change the tenant/building experience, creating a community among tenants while elevating building status.”


About Captivate 

Known for its vast network of nearly 12,000 elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America, Captivate brings life to work as commercial real estate’s number one digital media amenity. Captivate takes tenant satisfaction to new heights by delivering meaningful, engaging information and effective tenant communication to 13 million unique monthly viewers. This Class A service redefines the tenant’s building experience and elevates building status. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners. For more information, please visit captivate.


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