Maintain Occupancy   |   Increase Renewal Rates   |   Provide Peace-of-Mind To Resident

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The Best Condo Amenity To Reassure Residents With Digital Communication Displays And Safety Solutions

Captivate Residential | Safety Amenity

We Offer The Best Condo Amenity On the Market
Residential Communication Displays & Sanitizing Kiosks Ensures Residents Feeling Safe

We are expanding across the residential industry with our digital displays, check out our portfolio. 

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Choose the Best Condo Amenity for your Tenants With MultiFamily Digital Communication and Safety Solutions

Effective resident communication is vital in the new normal.
Captivate digital communication displays are a top ranked condominium amenity to inform residents, provide peace-of-mind and exceed wellness expectations.

Learn more & see if you qualify for a complimentary HD display.

Digital Signage Displays – The Best Condo Amenity To Inform & Reassure Residents

  • Effective condo resident communication is vital in the post-Covid world
  • Content management solutions enable your staff to easily post custom condo communication messages
  • Professionally curated content is tailored to condominium residents 

Highly Valued Condo Amenities

Large Format Displays Enhance Common Areas

Impactful Condo Resident Digital Signage Is Ideal For Common Areas   |   Gym, Lounges, Lobby, Pool, Laundry & More


Slim 43″, 49″, 55”  WiFi-enabled hardware     |    Adaptable placements & screen orientation available

Already Have Screens? We Have A Solution For That!

Captivate | GO Plug & Play Device Easily Transitions Existing Displays

Captivate | GO

Foster A Healthy Building At Access Points & Condo Amenity Spaces

Captivate | SCAN

4-in-1 resident communication display with temperature scan, face mask detection & hand sanitizer dispenser

Best Condo and Apartment Amenity

Custom Condo Building Communication Capabilities

Captivate ScreenCenter & Custom Content Window content management system (CMS) comes standard with all Captivate condo digital displays.  These CMS portals allow your staff to easily create & publish real-time, resident-specific messaging.  These user-friendly tools come with templates & training support.


Best Condo Amenity

Centralized condo communication platform to publish large-format apartment property messages to residents.

Custom Content Window

Custom Content Window is one of the best multifamily amenity on the marketing

Real-time system for property managers to control data feed content & push custom resident messages in persistently viewable area of the display.