Abe Ahn

Operational Strategy Analyst, ITS

There are too many great things about working at Captivate to list, but what stands out to me the most is how accepting, caring, and empowering my colleagues are. I have never felt so free to be myself and bring LIFE to WORK, and to leverage all the strengths that come with this sense of freedom!

My proudest accomplishment thus far is the implementation of Looker in order to automate and modernize Captivate’s Reporting and Analytics for Captivate’s Sales and Marketing teams.

 This may sound boring, but this is extremely exciting to me! I had the unique opportunity of learning a cutting-edge, industry leading software (Looker) from the ground up and making it work with Captivate’s complex business processes. I certainly could not have done this alone, and only through diligent work and partnering closely with experts on Captivate’s Sales and Marketing business was this possible, but the time saved through automation and beautification of our analytics makes it all well worth it. And we’re only just getting started with Looker!

I love spicy foods, so I started a collection of hot-sauces for the office to share. One thing led to another, we gained many more contributors, and now our office boasts a collection of 34 different hot sauces!

I love skating and longboarding, and the Lowell Office happens to be located near a bike trail. A few fellow Captivators and I started boarding down the bike trail during lunch and/or after work, and now a couple of ‘free-to-use’ longboards are a permanent fixture in the entrance of the Lowell Office!

I’m passionate about data visualization and analytics. I think my very role brings life to work by transforming boring reports in to colorful pictures and charts!