Aaron Caldwell

Customer Success Manager

Hands down, the people I get to work with.  I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by team members and managers that genuinely care about my professional and personal success (except for Dana Menking).  Having both a vertical and horizontal support structure continues to be why I like working at Captivate and it generates such a fantastic work environment.  It is the people that have made some of the challenges of working from home easier to overcome. 

Getting promoted to the Customer Success team.  While it was not a position I had considered previously, my performance on the Project Management team provided a path to CSM that I am super excited about.

As I work from home, it’s kind of hard not bringing life to work.  I get to brew my own coffee, wear a hoodie most the day, and typically have my computer rockin 90’s alternative.  Being able to spend my work day with my three dogs, Puck, Jak Jak, and Zoey is definitely a highlight.  However, with my teams, I try to stay socially active and have the periodic game of Geoguessr.