Captivate - Power to the Busy

At a Glance

With Captivate, it’s never just another day at the office.

The professionals in your building are smart, busy and on the go. Captivate engages them with news, business, sports and lifestyle content that keeps them connected to the world outside the office.

With a viewer-centric approach, our editors handpick stories and customize content from over 100 best-in-class content providers to ensure the Captivate experience is relevant and engaging. We know your tenants are balancing their work life and “real” life, so we deliver our content accordingly. We save them time in the afternoon with traffic reports, save them money with tax tips in the spring, and save their date night with restaurant reviews at the end of the week. Beyond the headlines, we connect with viewers via, contests, giveaways and social media.

Our commitment to your tenants makes Captivate the amenity-of-choice for premiere office buildings.


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