Captivate - Power to the Busy

“We love partnering with such quality content and have found great value in Captivate tailoring their news and information coverage to meet our needs.”

-Media Supervisor PHD

“Our targets’ exposure begins each day with TV, OOH and Radio advertising. Once people arrive at work, they are served one more ad exposure on the Captivate screen, and this time, they’re a captive audience on their way to their offices & computers where we hope to have inspired them to take a minute and visit our website.”

-Media Director, Harmelin Media

“You’re not just another customer. Captivate strives to understand your messaging, goals etc and works hard to develop a campaign that meets your needs.”


“It’s been very effective for us. When we sit down with a client, frequently they’ll refer to our presence on Captivate screens, so we know they’re getting the message.”

-President & CEO, Ocean Tomo

“We are pleased with Captivate Network. It allows us to geo-target customers quite near to our store. We used a special call-to-action offer and were thrilled to have the first customer redeem the offer in the first week. Captive audience – great opportunity.”

-Michelle LeBlanc, Blue Sky Marketing

We love working with top brands. And top brands love working with us. Check out a few success stories.

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